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Chapters in our Lives....

As an artist, I find myself in visual mode all the time. Sometimes it keeps me up at night thinking of things I want to create. I guess that is why getting up every day seeing furniture or crafts I am working on helps put my brain at ease. To be able to bring them to life!

Every piece I do changes me, my feelings of how I think of what they stand for. How more important it is to not just paint them but to give them the story they telling me. I feel like it is an ongoing book with a different chapter as I learn and grow in this painting world of being an artist. Not only grow in my craft of woodworking, painting or being a makeup artist; but also as a person and what I have evolved into. The intensity of what this world of art has made me or maybe what I have made this world of art I have created for myself. I see it as one big story, different chapters like every piece I work on that makes up one huge work of art. This is just the beginning..... to me it just keeps getting more interesting and exciting with every day!!

This Jewlery armoire came to me from my neighbor. I was so excited and took it as being so special so I know I had to keep it special. Like most of my pieces, I didn't know exactly what to do with it but as I started cleaning it, it started speaking to me. It has a rich French special look to it that I had to keep. A soft blue with an aged appearance made for once was a special girl who became a lady. accented in gold around the edges and corners told me how much it was used and kept its original special look at the same time. The special person who will receive it next will pass on this same beauty for years to come.

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