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Welcome to my Blog on Healthy Skin Habits

Hello beautiful and thank you for being here. If you know me or don't know me, you may have guessed I love beauty in all! Actually I started about 20 years ago as a makeup artist and decided to become an esthetician and have worked performing facials and applying makeup ever since. I love seeing people come alive while applying makeup. I soon realized, applying makeup on healthy skin makes the skin even more radiant and show its natural beauty. Like furniture, I like to find solutions to concerns, unveil the curtain and dig a little deeper, and start from beginning in the right manner; with a clean, polished and healthy skin! I have been living my best life seeing others smile, happy and realize the beauty in oneself. I enjoy educating others on how to take care of their skin and tips on makeup application based on your lifestyle, what you have time for every day to walk out the house feeling good about that moment you gave for YOU!

What will be shared and discussed?

Some of the things that come to mind I will blog about and also share links of other blogs; will be my personal experience as well as others. Here are a few that come to mind as of now.

-How your skin may react to seasonal changes

-Why your skin should have three basic steps twice a day

-What you can do to be a little more proactive with your skin

-Addressing the changes with your skin due to age and other skincare concerns.

Addressing the difference between skin type and skin condition.

-Of course, how to fit these moments for yourself in your life!!

We all busy, our lives, our family, our work is so demanding! hauling kids from one place to another, trying to find a third hand. I get it trust me but we should not feel guilty for taking the time for ourself to deliver all the demands that are asked of us! This is why I LOVE sharing, educating and hopefully help you find a better way to help you and create small pivots to give yourself the health of skin! I will provide resources and links that support this information to better further your understanding and belief.

Please leave a comment, send me a message with your questions or what you want to know more about. Here is a link with blogs written and supported by doctors, chemist and every day people and experiences,

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