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Your Title: The latest in creating a wood grain top using Liquid Wood from RETIQUE IT.

I love sharing my experiences with products I use and believe in, Hopefully it will help you as well. I will continue to share what I use to paint and prep my pieces.

Have you ever came across a situation that you may have thought you ruined a piece of furniture and it was solid wood or may not be solid wood? Maybe it has a laminate on it that you don't like and you may want to re stain but just don't want to strip or maybe you can't strip it? Well, I may just have a solution for that!! As someone who loves to paint, I still like to keep some of the piece to look like its original state or like it has always been there.

I often sand and strip my pieces if I will stain or change the tone of the piece. Sometimes I am able to save my clients money by taking another approach and still using a stain.

Wouldn't you be skeptical?

When I first heard about it, of course I was skeptical and didn't believe it. I kept reading and looking at the results. I was really impressed at the finish and how organic it looked on the furniture. It looked like it was how the furniture was from the beginning. It didn't look painted but just stained. The unlimited possibilities of something is an artist dream. I am able to offer my clients more options. Finding a solution to anything is my goal.

A few of my first initial experience

I decided to order and try. I was amazed with all the ways I can use it. I used it on metal and copper and the adhesion was amazing!! I scratched and try to remove it and it wouldn't budge. I can take something that isn't even wood at all and make it look like it was a wood piece! I also made boards and painted the different colors and used stain as well as paint to give a variation of color and a more modern look.

I started using it on my table tops and side tables on the top to give the right look to flow with the space the piece will be in.

Here is an example of a top I did for a client. The top was veneer and the design or color didn't flow with her decor so I wanted to tie in her flooring, accent wall and her beams. So decided to use both light liquid wood and dark to give a contrast under the stain. I used a wood stamp with the light liquid wood on the stamp so when I stained, it would give movement to the top and flow with the floors wood tone.

Easy to paint but doesn't take the place of paint.

Since it is liquid wood, making sure your container is closed after use is important. It is easy to paint so if this is something you interested in doing yourself, maybe you have a project you working on and have questions, please feel free to reach out and I will be happy to help. I do not currently sell the product but hope so in the future.

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