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The smile of Rain

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Today is a cold and rainy day. I sit here wondering how my passions always become my life. Everything I do I love, molds me into who I am. Painting gives me emotions that come out when I am painting and holding a paint brush. Should I be selfish? I decided not to since it is something I can give to others. I can give joy to others with a paint brush. It not only does it fuel my soul but it all connects some how. It connects history and brings a story with a happy ending. Maybe a story that does not have an ending but a story that goes on.

One thing I do know is on a rainy day my mood would feel unsettling and now, today I can be creative, the rain and cold weather is allowing me to be. Things I could not handle once, has created a richness and another world I see and feel.

What is something you do now that helps you smile and feeds your soul?

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